Homestarrunner is very simply the standard by which all flash cartoon websites are measured. Its updated nearly every week (usually Monday). These two guys (Matt and Mike) do it full time, and accept NO advertising, so if you enjoy, be sure to buy something once in a while from their store, because that's the only income they get to keep on toonaging.

Its sort of an acquired humor. Here's a hint... most of their ideas originated in Strong Bad Emails where Strong Bad answers real emails from viewers.

Here's a few of my favorites to help get your addiction started:
  • Techno
  • Japanese Cartoon
  • Death Metal
  • Guitar
  • Bottom 10
  • Hoops and Yoyo

    On valentines day (or thereabouts), Reapolitiklr shared a Hoops and Yoyo cartoon on the Hallmark website. Good stuff. So I searched around and here are my favorites:
  • The Hoops and Yoyo homepage cartoon
  • We Want Turkey. Click on the acorns to see silly stuff
  • Hey!!! A little more on the philosophical side. :-)
  • Store Wars

    Here's a new one-hit wonder:
  • Store Wars (Caution: cheezy)